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Posted on 06-29-2013

There are problems with SSRis on many levels. Mankind will have ups and downs in life. That is normal and as such should be embraced and accepted as ok, not something to be medicated.

Stress is rampant in this world, and it causes pressure to build as an adaptative response. The physiological problems begin when the pressure exceeds the neurological response to adapt. The first diagnostic/treatment philosophy should then be: WHY? Why did this person's margin of adaptation to stress diminish? More on this later.

So now this excessive pressure builds and begins to create distortion. The distortion will begin to break down in areas of physical weakness. As you may have heard: the chain will break at the weakest link. Another diagnostic/treatment philosophy should be: WHY? And WHERE? Why did the this accumulation of pressure begin to create distortion at THIS particular area?

Medicine is well versed in defining, with all the advanced diagnostic and imaging studies WHERE and WHAT the breakdown is, but frequently the WHY is missing in the conclusions. The medical profession can usually define that your blood pressure is high, your prostate gland is inflamed, that you are clinically depressed or whatever, BUT WHY? - is missing from the philosophy of medicine.

A historical review of the changing philosophy of medicine reveals that up through the first millennium AD, all disease was related to a separation from God, and the resulting curse upon you or your family.  Hippocrates, considered the Father of Medicine, began a logical exploration of WHY?  This philosophy of physicians was based in VITALISM,  or the power of Life within. You should google the original HIPPOCRATIC OATH.  It stated definitively that under no circumstance would a physician ever prescribe from the apothecary (NO DRUGS) nor ever, under any circumstance, use the knife on patients (NO SURGERY).

With the second millennium, came the invention of the microscope, the REFORMATION OF THE CHURCH, pandemics of plagues and a new era of medicine and religion. The agreement became: preachers you stick to God and doctors will stick to health. So began the era of scientific method, a change in philosophy of Vitalism to Mechanism in medicine,  And the advance of medical theory and the industrial revolution.

Toward the end of the second millennium, in the late 1800s and into the early 1900s, we see railroad, telegraph, automobile, the discovery of the combustion engine, the importance of oil, industrial monopolies and the advance of the SUPER RICH ( "the merchants of the earth" as the Bible would refer in Revelation). This is where the apothecary made a turnaround in influencing medicine. The Rockafellers and Carnegy, Vanderbuilt, Rothchild invested heavily into pharmaceutical companies. Their influence in government regulators and in the education of physicians, research dollars became highly pharmaceutical influenced.

In the later part of the 20th century, immunizations expanded, FDA formed and the pharma influence of medical schools and the education of physicians became exclusively pharmacological based in the guise of Medical Science.

Enough history, back to WHY the individual margin of resistance dropped. There is a natural mind body connection that is essential for proper function. Interference in this connection causes disruption to the ability of the body function.

Stress occurs in three core ares: Toxins, Traumas and Thoughts. Overload stress breaks down the adaptional response and reduces the margin of adaptation. Spinal distortion continues to negatively impact and progressively creates interference to the ability of the body to heal.

Toxins are rampant in our society today. Air, water, products used daily and food all contribute to the level of toxicity we are exposed to regularly. Digestive system build up of toxicity is compounded by the types of food we consume in the Standard American Diet (SAD Diet) or the Affluence Diet. Fat cells further store toxins in the body and create a cesspool of exposure. Particularly vulnerable, children are developing neuro-toxicity related diseases in epidemic proportion. ADHD, Autism and other developmental diseases are the consequence of exposure to neurotoxins. Accumulative exposure to toxins contributes to many auto-immune diseases and higher rates of dementia.

Traumas to our bodies accumulate and impact mobility and compromise natural hydration and lubrication of the joints. Muscle tightening or splinting is an immediate protective response to injury and without intervention will cause healing to be limited to the extent of limitations on motion and alignment. Gravity, posture, lack of activity progressively limit mobility to the extent that time accumulation leads to the most common forms of plagues in our society: degenerative spinal disease and the resulting functional disability and loss of independent mobility. This is incorrectly identified with "aging", but it is simply related to the fact that lack of motion limits the natural lubrication of joints.

Thought stress have many sources but can be summarized as in situations, events, circumstances and people. The natural condition of humanity causes an avoidance reaction to painful stimuli and an increase in resistance tension, distortion and interference reaction. Neuro-psycho-immunology is a growing field that combines disciplines and correlates the immune system breakdown and malfunction with the brain-nerve interference. Disease results from the malfunction.

We now have a better understanding of WHY the body is limited or fails in the healing process. Where we proceed from here in the healing arts is dependent upon our philosophy and research. But unfortunately is influenced by "following the money".  Big Pharma, the pursuit of "show me the money", and established power and influence structure will resist the TRUTH of the VitalityPrinciples of healing. Solutions are out there, but how we pursue the answers will be influenced by the questions that we ask. Ask wisely!

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