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Posted on 09-13-2013

Blurry and Poor Vision 
Not Caused by Aging

Are you scared that as you get older, you'll start to lose your eyesight?

You know, like those 'old folks' who wear thick glasses...have to read the newspaper two inches from their face and squint as they watch TV.  Or those that wish they had longer arms? What's even worse, they lose sleep every time they go to the DMV to renew their driver's license - they're sure that they're going to have it taken away because they can't see anymore.

Are you worried that soon, this will be your fate?

If you are, stop worrying. I've got some fantastic news for you that's going to put your mind at rest and help you keep your healthy vision...even into your 70's and 80's and beyond.

It's been confirmed through multiple studies at some of the most prestigious medical schools like Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Brandeis University that...

Poor vision isn't inevitable as you get older.

This changes all the rules because now you know that getting glasses...squinting and struggling at the TV... worrying about driving at night and blurry vision...are not an automatic fact of aging.

And because of that, all of these vision problems can be stopped before they even start! 

Here's how others are preventing declining vision before it's too late.
Eye strain causes the lens in your eye to elongate and focus becomes a problem. My patients can learn the "palming", "squint/blink", "blocking" and other eye exercises that restore focus and improve vision while they insure energy flow and motion with their adjustments.

While this is great news, it's only half of the solution. You see, just because this discovery has confirmed that age-related vision loss is basically a myth, doesn't mean you can do nothing and expect your vision to remain the same.

You have to supplement it, and if you're taking the same old antioxidants that they've been telling you to, then I've got some more news for you!

Not all antioxidants are the same. 

Do you want to shop for better products? Go to www.wadechiropractic.com/nutritionstore.html. Want more information? Become a patient? Call 256-237-9423.

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