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Posted on 09-13-2013

Is Boosting Your Nitric Oxide Level A Smart Idea?
Perhaps you've heard about nitric oxide, the "miracle molecule" that improves heart health, energy levels, and sexual performance and impacts every cell, tissue and organ in your body. You may have even heard how the scientists that discovered "what it does for us" won the Nobel Prize... or how hundreds of studies show that nitric oxide boosts brain power... supports healthy circulation... and reverses aging. And you may even know that people over 40 are often deficient. But nitric oxide does so much more...

New research shows that nitric oxide also...

Improves memory, slow response and confused thinking… because nitric oxide boosts blood flow, it means more oxygen and nutrients help keep brain cells healthy, active and functioning properly. Healthier brain cells help you think clearer and respond faster no matter your age!

Strengthens bones, improves bone density and even rebuilds bones... in fact; a study by The Journal of American Medical Association proved that nitric oxide helps build strong bones. In the study, women that used a supplement to boost their nitric oxide increased their bone density significantly while the placebo group actually lost bone density... raising their risk of a debilitating hip fracture!

Are you starting to see why boosting your nitric oxide IS a smart idea?
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