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Posted on 05-17-2016

5 Things Pain Does To You...

Severe, ongoing back pain, degeneration, failed back surgery, a life of pain... 
Your situation, unfortunately, is way to common. The fragmented nature of spine care with little holistic understanding of core problems are the reason our multi-discipline clinic was established. Back Pain Solutions

1. Your pain is not "all in your head"

People in pain are sometimes treated as if their pain is actually made up or greatly exaggerated. While it is true that some people may report pain because they have a financial or personal agenda, for the vast majority, the pain is real and present. It is not made up. 

The real problem is that chronic pain is often caused by anatomical problems that are difficult or impossible to diagnose using standard medical tests, and pain cannot be diagnosed like other medical problems (such as a broken bone that can be seen on an X-ray).

Fortunately, the American Back Institute understands and appreciates that chronic pain is real and needs to be treated and managed. We are not going to put you on anti-psychotics or a bunch of pain pills.

2. Chronic pain commonly leads to Disuse Syndrome

Chronic pain often leads to long-term lack of physical activity and a condition recognized as disuse syndrome. This syndrome can negatively impact your musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, and psychological and emotional processes. At its worst, disuse syndrome leads to a pervasive lack of wellness that in and of itself can be debilitating.

American Back Institute rehabilitation program can strengthen and stabilize you to allow proper regeneration, rehydration and remodeling.

3. Pain leads to difficulty sleeping and depression

Thoughts and emotions related to the pain also can come into play and aggravate or alleviate the pain. For example, depression, which is a serious disease, can worsen the pain. Sleep problems, again caused by the pain, can also make the pain worse. And increased pain usually leads to increased sleep problems.

4. Pain is deeply personal

Everyone experiences and expresses pain differently. Any two people with the exact same health condition are likely to feel and express their pain in unique ways depending on a number of factors. Newer chronic pain theories now have physiological explanations for how and why people experience pain differently.

When it comes to back pain, this is especially true. Two people can have the same type of herniated disc, but one feels only slight discomfort and the other feels burning, debilitating sciatic pain that is unresponsive to conventional treatment. It is also not uncommon for no anatomical cause of the pain to be detected.

5. Chronic pain is LONELY

After awhile, many people with chronic pain—especially pain that is caused by a condition that cannot be seen—begin to feel isolated. Here the Internet has done a world of good helping people in pain connect with others in similar situations and find a supportive peer group through online communities. 

The American Back Institute, LLC is an active, vibrant, and supportive community. We offer Disc Rehydration, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Chiropractic Care and Medical Management of your condition focusing on a drug free, natural recovery with Lifestyle Care options to Live 'Healthy To 100'.

Having a clearer understanding of how chronic pain works, as well as the central role that the brain plays in the experience of chronic pain, is becoming more mainstream in the medical community and among people who have chronic pain syndromes.

Severe, ongoing back pain, degeneration, failed back surgery, a life of pain, unfortunately, is way to common. The fragmented nature of spine care with little holistic understanding of core problems are the reason our multi-discipline clinic was established. 

The American Back Institute system of evaluation and management protocol may be able to help when other methods have failed. Nothing is 100%, but it is customized to the individual for maximum results.

We utilize an Unweighting low force system of retraining neuromuscular connection with brain stimulation taking advantage of positive neuroplasticity to re-coordinate control via  reduction of inflammation and increasing pain free motion and strengthening to remodel. Basically, re-synchronizing your brain with your body and improving posture.

The most chronic back problems, including severe degeneration and post surgical failures may respond. This is not a quick fix.  It is very aggressive, and you control how you progress. 

Many large corporations have grabbed hold of this system as their solution for the most chronic of back injuries, because of the results. Patients smile because we focus on getting their life back: unwinding the previous limitations of activities and return to work.

If you have any interest in improving, without drugs or surgery, I pray you see fit to come for a courtesy consultation- bring your most recent imaging studies for a more effective visit. Drag your case manager too. RSVP 256-237-9423 for your most convenient time.

We would love to determine if you could respond. I hope we can help.

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