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Posted on 10-19-2017

10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Our Integrated Practice in Oxford, AL

If you're considering seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist, not just anyone will do. Before you go, you should know what good chiropractic care entails and how well qualified your chosen chiropractor is, so that you receive the most effective treatment. To help you get the best care possible, we've created a list of key things to know before seeing our integrated specialist in Oxford, AL.

Woman using a pull up bar to isolate her injury.

  1. Focus on treating the source of your pain or other symptoms - Rather than just the symptoms. Chiropractors diagnose the root of your health problem by looking at the musculoskeletal system, treating disorders through proven, natural methods. Holistic chiropractic care can also be used in coordination with traditional medical care to improve outcomes and increase the quality of life. 
  2. Seek holistic wellness - Care is rarely a one-visit, single-symptom treatment, but treats the whole person to achieve overall optimal health with chiropractic adjustment and complementary therapies.
  3. Know that the cause of many health issues is functional - Your chiropractor will locate misaligned spinal bones, and/or other body areas, which need to be adjusted/returned to a proper position to improve health.
  4. Use musculoskeletal adjustments to improve overall wellness - Correcting bodily alignment, such as misaligned spinal vertebrae, improves nervous system function originating in the spinal column. This helps organs and soft tissues as well, so the entire body works more efficiently. A properly aligned body better defends itself against disease, injury, and pain.
  5. Offer additional holistic services to augment chiropractic care - For instance, our practice offers beneficial services like physical therapy, massage, lipo laser treatments, smoking cessation, weight loss and lifestyle guidance, anti-aging solutions, corporate wellness programs and more.
  6. Provide customized care - Each patient should receive treatment tailored to their specific needs and health goals, rather than generic care. Depending on your needs--to relieve pain, improve range of motion and posture, strengthen the body, boost the immune system, ease anxiety and depression, and more--our chiropractor designs your unique treatment plan.
  7. Possess excellent credentials and pursue continuing education - The best chiropractors are knowledgeable on the latest treatment methods to provide state-of-the-art chiropractic care. For instance, Dr. David Wade, our state licensed, certified chiropractor and founder, is an experienced sports chiropractor who has worked with pro athletes and is spinal trauma certified. He is also a certified wellness coach. After 30 years in chiropractic care, Dr. Wade will also receive a medical degree from Washington University of Health & Sciences in 2017.
  8. Have excellent testimonials and reviews - on their website and/or positive reviews online.
  9. Offer convenient hours - which start early enough and/or end late enough to accommodate your schedule. Chiropractor offices open 6 days per week, like American Back Institute here in Oxford, give you the option to get care without taking time off work or school.
  10. Show dedication - In addition to all the other things to know before seeing a chiropractor, you should seek a dedicated professional. You should get the sense (and notice in reviews you read) that your chiropractor cares about you/the patient, shows you respect, and treats you as an individual. If you feel like a case number, are kept waiting, are not being listened to--look for another chiropractor.

At American Back Institute in Oxford, AL, our goal is to excel in all the qualifications and qualities listed above. We hope you'll visit our practice to see for yourself how we rate on the "Things You Need to Know Before Seeing a Chiropractor in Oxford AL" list. For quality chiropractic care and physical therapy treatments in Oxford, contact us at 256-202-6123 for an appointment, today.

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