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Posted on 03-13-2018

Avoiding Weight Gain after a Long-Term Injury – Advice from our Oxford, AL Weight Loss Clinic

After a serious injury, there are many immediate concerns that need to be dealt with. However, once the crisis is over, there are long-term considerations that result from lifestyle changes made due to the injury. Avoiding weight gain and sustaining weight loss after injury is a valid concern, but weight can be controlled.

woman holding her injured calf while exercising to Avoid Weight Gain After a Long-Term Injury

The Intersection of Injury and Weight

During recovery from a long-term injury, weight usually becomes a consideration for most people. Some people have little trouble dialing back the calories and maintaining their weight, but many others struggle. There are a number of reasons that people gain weight after an injury:

  • Lack of exercise/movement
  • Increase in emotional eating
  • Decrease in food quality
  • Rise in stress hormones
  • Medication side effects

Not only does being injured make it harder to move around and burn calories, but it usually affects how you eat, as well. Boredom and stress can cause you to eat when you are not hungry, and the quality of the food you eat may suffer because you can no longer fix healthy meals. The injury itself, as well as other issues that you are having to deal with because of it, can cause a rise in stress hormones which tend to increase appetite. Some medications increase appetite as well.

At our weight loss clinic in Oxford AL, we will help you work through these problems. Physical therapy can help get you back on the road to recovery, and help you burn more calories by being more active. Massage can help with pain, which may reduce your need to take medications with weight-increasing side effects. Avoiding weight gain and sustaining weight loss after injury is not easy, but we can help you succeed.

Our Weight Loss Clinic in Oxford, AL Can Help You

Here at American Back Institute, your choice weight loss clinic in Oxford, AL, we can help you recover from a serious injury through the use of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and massage. For patients who are struggling with weight gain after an injury, or who are worried about weight gain after an injury, we can also provide weight loss counseling and other assistance. 

Call us today at (256) 237-9423 to schedule an appointment. New patients receive a free consultation!

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