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Non-Surgical Lipo Laser at American Back Institute in Oxford

Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight has felt the frustration of searching for the right solution. Diet and exercises remain the gold-standard strategy, but even this healthful approach may not eliminate certain stubborn pockets of fat. If you need some extra help in targeting these areas, but you dread the idea of invasive procedures such as surgical liposuction, you'll be happy to know that American Back Institute can provide non-surgical Lipo Laser in Oxford, AL.

woman holding measuring tape around her midrift after successful lipo laser treatment

How Lipo Laser Works

Fat cells expand as they receive lipids and other substances -- and even if you've managed to lose weight, some pockets of fact cells may resist giving up these substances. That's where targeted approaches such as liposuction come in. Unfortunately, traditional liposuction involves vacuuming out entire fat cells through incisions in the body. This process may lead to a variety of complications, including infection, bruising, skin color or sensation changes, slow healing, deep vein thrombosis, and even cardiopulmonary issues. 

Lipo Laser is a non-invasive means of releasing the stored fat without scooping out the fat cells. A low-level laser beam penetrates your skin painlessly, focusing its energies on the fat cells beneath. This energy stimulates the fat cells to open up and release glycerol and fatty acids, which can then be taken up for metabolic processes or eliminated by the body. 

What to Expect From Lipo Laser Treatments

We suggest Lipo Laser treatments after you've already committed to a healthier lifestyle via changes such as controlled portions, better nutrition, and regular exercise. This painless technique works equally well on the face, neck, arms, legs, knees, buttocks, abdomen, and other isolated spots where fat likes to collect. Dr. Wade uses a 16-pad machine, with each pad optimized for a particular body part. Each session lasts about 20 minutes; we may prescribe up to 8 sessions for best results.

Lipo Laser is just one part of our integrated approach toward achieving and maintaining the body you want. We can combine this service with other helpful techniques to normalize physical function, from chiropractic care and nutrition counseling to our other weight loss programs. This will help you keep those fat cells from getting overloaded and calling undue attention to themselves in the future.

Learn More at Our Weight Loss Clinic in Oxford, AL

In keeping with our other conservative care services, our lipo laser treatments can give your body that little extra help it needs to unburden itself of unattractive fat accumulations, without surgery or other extreme responses.

Call our weight loss clinic at 256-237-9423 to find out whether Lipo Laser makes sense for you!